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Welcome to AUMLC

Scotland´s Largest University Men´s Lacrosse Club

Socialization, wellness, health, & fitness, are all on offer from Aberdeen University Men´s Lacrosse Club. Our Club offers some of the best fields, facilities and events in the greater Aberdeen region. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, get in shape, or have some fun with your friends, come on down to join Aberdeen University Men´s Lacrosse Club and make your ABDN experience worthwhile. 

About the Club

Growing the Sport in Scotland

The Medicine Game: an modern ode to the history of the game. Lacrosse has been played for nearly a millennia, and was originally a game played by the Native American tribes to honour their Creator. Over the centuries, the game has come to be what we see today. A fast-paced, highly physical sport which embodies the same disciplines of the most strategic and demanding sports, while utilizing all the athletic abilities of every player to create a style and flow. Today lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in North America, and one of the fastest growing in the world. At Aberdeen University Men´s Lacrosse Club, we’ve been making this games development in Scotland a reality since 2003. Our Aberdeen based facilities have been designed to provide an outstanding environment for athletes of all levels and abilities, and to provide the best whole body experience available. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, reach your potential with Aberdeen University Men´s Lacrosse Page.


Facilities Utilized

We try to make the most of the facilities on offer to us, utilizing different options for fitness, training, and home based matches.

We have a fully dedicated lacrosse pitch located on Kings Lawn, directly on campus. Kings is a natural grass pitch and beautiful venue, as it borders the two University rugby pitches and is surrounded by views of both ancient and modern architecture. Apart from the Kings Lawn Lacrosse Pitch, we may play home matches between two other local venues: Balgownie Playing Fields which are a 15 minute drive from Campus, and Hillhead AstroTurf, which is a full-length pitch with dedicated lacrosse lining and located a short walk from the Hillhead Student Village. Game venues are typically weather dependent, or dependent on shared scheduling with our counterpart women´s lacrosse club.

We are also fortunate enough to be allotted weekly training sessions on the 4G synthetic turf inside of the Aberdeen Sports Village, which is accompanied by a fitness session on the outdoor track.

The club has access to the Kings Pavilion on campus for team lifting sessions.

Kings Playing Fields

Sundays: 2pm-4pm

Wednesdays (Match Days): Time Dependent

Aberdeen Sports Village

Tuesdays: 8:30pm-9pm (Outdoor Track)

9pm-10:30pm (Indoor Synthetic Turf Field)


Kings Pavilion Gym

Mondays: 5pm-6pm

Balgownie Playing Fields

Wednesdays (Match Days): Time Dependent

Hillhead Astro

Tuedays: 5:30pm-7pm

Wednesdays (Match Days) Time Dependent

Thursdays: 5pm-6:30pm

Social Events

Aberdeen University Men´s Lacrosse Club has a jam-packed social calendar every year. It is stocked with plenty of exciting events including

weekly Wednesday night socials, outrageous mixed socials, sober excursion socials, an annual lacrosse ball, a massively successful Tour abroad, and an annual 6´s style tournament to cap off the year. We also host a handful of charitable fundraisers throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions - one of our committee members will be happy to help.

White Meeting Room
Wedding Table Set
Wedding Table Set


Wednesday socials are the most consistent event on our social calendar, and a surefire way to have a fun night out every week. We kick off the year with the infamous White T-Shirt Night, so make sure you don´t let Freshers Week take too much from you. We host an abundance of other themed socials, and plenty of normal club nights.

Each term we have AT LEAST one mixed social with the women´s club, which is always a massive event, drawing a crowd beyond lacrosse. The social aspect draws in a lot of members and keeps them entertained.

We are also focused on bringing in some fun excursions like bowling, paintball, bonfires and more!

LAX Ball

Keen to get fancy? We have got you covered. Make sure to pack in your tuxedo or kilt, because this event is classy (at least we hope it is). Tickets are sold in the months leading up to the annual Lax Ball, which is typically held just prior to the close of the 2nd term. Our Social Secretaries work hand-in-hand with the women´s club to put on a show. Over the years we have traversed some lovely venues, heard great music and speeches, drank excessive amounts of wine, and even fit in a Ceilidh or two. Make sure to leave room in your calendar because this is an event you do not want to miss! 


Ahhh ... Tour. What could be better than a trip abroad? Oh that´s right, a trip abroad with 60 of your best mates. Our annual tour has been one of our most successful events over the years. We have been fortunate enough to of had some incredible holidays spent across Europe. From Dublin to Düsseldorf, and Poreč to Lloret de Mar, there is no land out of reach. Cheap pints, wild bus trips (or you can take a plane if you´re lazy), and fun in the sun carousing the beach. Some say Tour makes you immortal for 5 days. This trip usually gets wild so prepare yourself for chaos, but don´t be daunted! 


Fundraisers are a major part to the continued success of our club. We have seen our events put on a show over the years. From wild beer pong events to cozy movie nights, we are always able to wring in a crowd. AUMLC has a standing history of being one of the top Movember fundraising clubs at Aberdeen Uni, which happens to consistently rank as one of the top fundraising universities in all of the UK. Not only do we have charitable fundraisers, but we also host an abundance of club fundraising nights, which are typically a riot for everyone involved. Don´t miss out!

Upcoming Events
4th Annual Aberdeen University Men´s Lacrosse Club´s Pre-season
Thu, Aug 29
Bon Accord Sports Club
Aug 29, 2019, 10:00 AM – Sep 01, 2019, 4:00 PM
Bon Accord Sports Club, Hillhead Centre, Don St, Aberdeen AB24 1XR, UK
After an incredibly successful event last year, AUMLC has decided to implement a pre-season for the 4th annual year. This has been a tremendous event since it began, and has proven very beneficial for the club. The event will be held in Aberdeen from 29 Aug-Sept 1, 2019 @ location TBD.

Contact Us

King's Pavilion, University Rd, Aberdeen AB24 3FX, UK

+44 7767 751006

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